Leadership Development & Learning Culture

At CTM, inspiring great leadership is one of our four strategic people priorities and is aligned to our strategic goal of ‘Inspiring People’.

We want to change the way that we think about leadership, by inspiring a movement of collective leadership at every level in the organisation, where everyone takes responsibility for delivering excellent care for our patients.

CTM, like much of the healthcare system in Wales, has experienced some of the most prolific challenges, and demands are set to intensify. If our health services and the wider health economy are to perform to their best, effective leadership now, and a strong pipeline of developing leaders for the future, are critical to our success.

We want to grow leaders who will inspire, nudge and cajole others to push beyond their own perceived boundaries of performance. And in doing that, we want our leaders to be purposeful, compassionate, humble and courageous. We want them to embrace every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. We want leaders to join us who share our values, who are willing to listen and to be challenged, to learn from their experiences and seek to enhance their leadership, within a mutually respectful environment where everyone is enabled to work together to deliver their best work.

Whether you are just starting on your leadership journey, already have a few years’ experience of leading a function or service, or you are senior leader leading change in a complex system, we have a programme for you. Our leadership programmes seek to respond a number of prominent healthcare and organisational challenges, both current and future focused, and are designed to fundamentally support our leadership ambition to create an environment where people can do great work.

Ultimately what we want to create is a leadership movement which puts patient safety and experience and the welfare of every member of staff at the heart of everything that we do. In doing that, we want our leaders to:

  1. Learn about themselves and develop the skills and knowledge to navigate and guide others through our complex and changing world
  2. Be inspired and motivated to grow beyond any perceived boundaries and limitations
  3. Clearly see the impact that they have on the culture of CTM and take personal responsibility for that
  4. Connect across clinical and professional boundaries and create a powerful and dynamic leadership legacy for CTM.

And as a result of having achieved these objectives, our aim is to change the way the way that we think about leadership and create a sustainable future for the populations that we care for.

At CTM we are embarking on a leadership movement like nothing ever experienced before. It is built upon a programme of immersive learning that is not just about great leadership content,; it is about collaborating with other leaders across CTM to tackle the real and pressing challenges that we face as an organisation. And we are doing through a truly immersive learning experience that will challenge even the most seasoned leader. And because we are working in one of the most complex healthcare systems in the world, you will never be challenged as a leader like you will be at CTM. We are keen to hear from leaders who think a bit differently, who are willing to go beyond conventional thinking, and are keen to create leaders instead of followers.

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