Sustaining Our Future: Environment, Innovation & Sustainability & Digital Focused

CTM Leadership are motivated by sustainability and green agenda, and there is lots of exciting activity happening and lots of people interested in getting involved in us moving towards providing a greener service.

The Health Board has already reduced its carbon output over the past 5 years, exceeding the target figures. We have a new requirement for Wales to be carbon neutral by 2030, so we have to reduce by another 34%, and we are motivated by the challenge of meeting this figure.

There is lots of activity going on across the Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board in relation to Environment, Innovation and Sustainability. We’re working on making our buildings and vehicles across the estate more environmentally friendly and sustainable, such as adopting the use of electric vehicles. We’re also working with our partners to secure funding to plant more trees on our sites.

Our corporate goal of “Sustaining our Future” means not using more of the resources than we have, financially or environmentally. This includes:

– Sustainability and affordability in our services.
– Considering our impact on planet.
– Reducing our carbon footprint.
– Sustainable interventions and alternatives for services, for example – obtaining anaesthetic alternatives with less CO2 output.

In support of our green agenda, energy alternatives such as wind and solar farms are being considered to power our Health Board buildings. We are also making our procurement activity more sustainable by investing in local production, to shorten the supply chain and reduce the number of miles goods travel. Waste management is also a priority, and we purchase goods with less packaging and recycle our plastic waste by sending it to cement manufacturers so it doesn’t end up in land fill.

What are the benefits of being digitally focussed to CTM?

– We are working with our partners to eliminate gaps in digital access and widen accessibility across the population we represent.
– The use of online consultations, apps and websites ensures patients can easily access self-care and diagnostic information.
– Making systems and processes more efficient ensures that less time is being spent admin functions.
– The creation of a system where clinicians are able to access all records across the Health Board will ensure care is able to be administered quicker, ultimately leading to more beds in hospitals across the Health Board.

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