Wellbeing & Employee Experience

Because so many of our waking hours are spent at work, it is important we enjoy our jobs and that the roles we do are good for our emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

At CTM we are passionate about looking after our staff and we want everyone employed by CTM to experience it as a great place to work.

The people who work for an organisation are its most precious resource and, as such, it makes sense to look after them. Providing healthy workplaces is the right thing to do to benefit the workforce but it also makes financial sense and has a direct impact of the quality of care given to patients. Multiple studies now demonstrate that staff who feel happy and healthy in work, are more engaged, more productive and more likely to stay with an employer. There is also a direct link between employee experience and patient experience. We aim to provide excellent care to our patients and can provide this best when our staff feel cared for and valued themselves.

No-one wants to feel unhappy or unwell in work. The Employee Wellbeing and Employee Experience service at CTM works hard to prevent that from happening and to intervene if it does.

Why join us?

Staff at CTM are regularly listened to by the Employee Experience team to understand what works well, what doesn’t and what actions need to be put in place in order to make CTM a great place to work. We are addressing processes that don’t work, to make things run more smoothly and efficiently and to cut down on unnecessary beauracracy. We aim to ensure that staff have a good experience of working for CTM even before their first day with us, by making sure their recruitment processes work well and that they are clear about what their job will involve. At CTM we want staff to enjoy their time with us from the outset – that they receive a warm welcome and have all the equipment they need on arrival. We are helping managers to support their staff by ensuring that the information that they need is accessible and in one place. At CTM we are committed to developing our staff, and have looked at how we use our PDR processes to ensure staff feel supported in their development and around their wellbeing and we are working with staff on how they would like to been recognised both formally and informally.

CTM is committed to supporting staff wellbeing and we have an ambitious and far-reaching range of services available to all employees. We support both the psychological and physical health of staff, providing services that will prevent staff from becoming unwell, while supporting thise that do.  The service provides a stepped care approach matching wellbeing interventions to the level of need. For those who are well and want to stay well we have a range of innovative services including Virtual Reality headsets, taster session in Mindfulness and relaxation, Staying Well workshops and free on-line resources to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing. For those who might be struggling we have a 24/7 telephone support line and a counselling service, Mindfulness based living courses and a wide range of workshops available. We run a healthy lifestyles course to promote weight loss, physical activity and improved self-esteem, Menopause Cafés, Mental Health First Aid training and Long Covid peer support. We also provide a wide range of services to support and upskill managers and encourage peer support. In addition to our in-house services we signpost to various private and third sector providers.

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