Workforce Transformation

Workforce Transformation

Workforce Transformation means that we are always looking at the ways we work and identifying if there is a better and more efficient way of doing things.

We work with partners across the wider NHS and localities to identify new ways of working to better serve our patients and service users.

What does ‘Workforce Transformation’ mean to CTM?

At CTM, ‘Workforce Transformation’ ensures we are always listening, learning and improving. We do this in all aspects of our services, such as looking at better technologies, reassessing how to best meet patients’ needs, and redesigning roles so we keep up with the changing landscape of healthcare. We aim to be modern in our methods, applying evidence based work processes whilst we adapt the way we work across the Health Board.

What are the benefits of ‘Workforce Transformation’ to CTM?’

There are many benefits to our ‘Workforce Transformation’ plans, these include:
– Ensuring we are future-focussed and keeping up with the needs of our service users.
– We ensures we’re working in an innovative way.
– We encourage a creative lens, and don’t believe in doing things just because it’s the way it has always been done.

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